The iWagyu®-burger Shogun™


Ingredients: about 100-130g iWagyu® Reserve ™ minced meat, salt, fresh ground black pepper, mâche salad, tomato slice, cheese slice, fresh pea sprouts, pine nuts, mayonnaise, sourdough bread and butter.

Turn on the oven at about 180 ° C.

Prepare the cheese plate (rounded), tomato slice, salad, tomato and mayonnaise.

Take a slice of sourdough bread and cut out a circle formed plate (about 7 cm in diameter), roast it lightly or fry it easily with butter. Spread the mayonnaise on the bread plate and put on the salad.

Form a "hockey puck" of about 100-130g iWagyu® minced meat with the same diameter as the bread and about 25mm thick, salt and pepper both sides, cook for about 2 minutes in butter on each side until you get a nice frying surface.

Add the cheese plate and place the burger on a plate in the oven for about 2 minutes until the cheese is almost melted.

Fit the finished burger to the salad bed. Garnish with the thinly sliced tomato slice, pea sprouts and some pine nuts.