A Bold Venture


In 2007, the work began to breed Swedish wagyu cattle. Through embryo transfer from U.S. wagyu animals, 43 healthy full blood wagyu calves were born on a farm close to Västervik during 2008 and 2009.

Today, the farm Bjursund Säteri owns the livestock and is responsible for breeding and caring for the unique animals. The livestock is still being built up and at present contains about 200 animals (2018).

iWagyu has a unique gene bank of wagyu consisting of both embryos and sperm from the very best genetic lines outside of Japan. The animals intended to go to slaughter during the coming years all have the bulls Fukutsuru 068, Michifuku and Itozurudoi Jr. as fathers. Every animal has documented good marbling in their offspring and all originates from the Tajima bloodline in Japan.

Together with Bjursunds Slakteri AB, iWagyu AB creates the foundation for Swedish full-blood wagyu with super quality.

The availability of wagyu meat is limited as only a small number of animals are slaughtered annually.

The wagyu meat is sold under the pan-European brand iWagyu®.